The Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack adapter is a striking no compromise evolution of current paddle systems. Buttons, unlike paddles, offer much faster response times and coupled with a wired connection grant the gamer a zero lag environment. The design of the Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack gives you the ability to stop playing claw due to superior button placement not available on any other adapter or controller. Finally, our instant mapping system (no software or magnetic keys needed) allows you to fine tune your controller setup while in-game and not through a complicated menu or software solution.


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The Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack adapter was created with ergonomics in mind. Everything from the height and placement of buttons to the shape and texture of the grip were engineered with comfort in mind. You no longer need to compromise between functionality and extended gaming sessions...with the Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack you get both in one sleek package.



The Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack provides the user unprecedented hassle free compatibility with any standard Xbox One® or PS4® controller. Simply clip the Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack onto the back of your controller, connect the USB cable to your console and you are ready to start gaming. The best part? You don't void your controller warranty!

Connecting eliminator to controller NEW.